Proenca-a-Nova Business Park Receives New Investment

A new investment opportunity is set to emerge in the land surrounding the PEPA – Business Park Proenca-a-Nova. The City Council, in a meeting on the 16th of August, approved the transfer of lots to Pegasus Agriculture, an international hydroponics investment company based in Dubai, UAE, for the purposes of constructing hydroponic farms. The structure is expected to be completed by May of 2017, and the vast majority of the subsequently farmed produce is to be destined for export. Pegasus plans to invest two and a half million euros (€2.5 Million) per hectare of production, and will employ 12 people in the first phase of production (of three phases). “This new investment with other companies that today are already in the business park confirms the location’s capacity to attract new companies and thus promote employability,” (translated) says President Mayor of Proenca-a-Nova, John Wolf. “It is entrepreneurs, in conjunction with the strategy defined by this office, that will build the future of this county.”

With investments like Procerâmica, S.A. and Grainz – Food Ltd, the Business Park of Proenca-a-Nova is almost entirely occupied. With Pegasus Agriculture’s installation in PEPA’s surrounding area, a new phase of development begins.